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Jimenez Curtis (2017-09-14)

Happy birthday images The first time I came here two years ago. It was one of those nights when my father was drunk and beat my sister, my mother, and me. I was under my bed, hoping he would not find me. I also hoped that if he found me, he would fall dead instantly. Or I wanted to be dead. Everything was better than what would come. He-because-he's not just beating my sister and me.  She swallowed and sighed. I took her hand and she continued to tell. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again, just to find out why suddenly everything was so quiet, I saw the playground, I was all alone, in the middle of the night, naked and completely confused, I screamed for help, but there was no one near.

Happy birthday images I interrupted her. On the playground? It seems that I awoke there too - or have arrived. You have not woken up there, it is one of the few places where you can switch between the worlds, there are only three such places in the city, I will tell you about it. Okay, keep on telling me I'm sorry I broke you. No problem, look, I'll continue without words, then it'll be faster. Agreed I said, repeating without opening my mouth to open! She grinned again.

Happy birthday images I quickly found out that I was not completely alone. A voice in my head reassured me, told me I did not need to be afraid. It was the voice of a little girl, it sounded like four or five years old. She told me where to go, and I met her next to the church of St. John. She was a thin little thing, red hair, naked like me. She told me a lot about this world. I met her again and again. Much I found out myself, by and by. Some things, however, are still not quite clear to me. Some things remain a mystery.

Happy birthday images Time, for example. Time passes in the other world while we are here, but not at the same pace. Once I stayed here for almost a week, and when I went back no more than an hour had passed. It's funny. There is day and night here, quite normal, the time seems to be just as fast to pass away, and then you come back and have to get used to. On the other hand, although there are day and night, no seasons seem to exist. It is always warm, never hot or cold, always pleasant. I just had to interrupt it.

Happy birthday images You mean I'm still in Marios bed? No, not you. Maybe your body, but you'll be able to remember here every minute, when you're back. And what if I just stay here? Sandra looked at me with a slight expression of regret. I'm afraid this is not possible, and that's one of the things I'm unsure about, listen, I'll tell you. On my fourth visit, I met two people who seemed to be sad. I wondered why, where there is no pain. They were a boy and a girl, about twelve years old, maybe a bit older. They were sitting on the steps in front of our school. I asked them why they were down, and they told me.

It could be the last time we're here, this world is a paradise for children, we're getting too old now. I had never met adults here, but there were so few people here anyway, I had never thought about it. They explained to me that one loses the happy birthday images ability to come here first, and then one begins to forget that one has ever been here at all. The girl's brother was fourteen, and he was the one who had invited her here. Now he did not even know that there was another world. Happy birthday images.